Gothique Film Society



57th season 2023 – 2024

After 25 years at Conway Hall we moved to a new venue, The Cinema Museum, for Season 54. After a year’s delay, due to covid-19, we returned for Seasons 55 onwards. We will be continuing in October with Season 57.

Details of our screenings will be available from late summer on the Events listings of

Copies of programme notes for all recent seasons (and many but not all from earlier seasons) are available from Simon Davies:

Newcomers to the Gothique are always welcome.

Season 58 onwards

For future screenings, if anyone has any suggestions they would be most welcome.

Whether suggestions for screenings will match what is felt to be suitable for Gothique is another matter.

For any suggestions or general enquiries about the society, please email me, Simon Davies, or Dave Simpson.

Dave Simpson has written “A History of The Gothique Film Society” and provides a list of Gothique programmes starting in 1966. Please note his appeal to any long standing society members who may be able to supply information to help complete his records


History of The Gothique Film Society


1966 to 1974 GFS shows 1 to 9

1975 to 1984 GFS shows 10 to 19

1985 to 1994 GFS shows 20 to 29

1995 to 2004 GFS shows 30 to 39

2005 to 2014 GFS shows 40 to 49

2015 onwards GFS shows 50 to date

for details of past seasons